Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

We will happily admit to two of our many addictions - pop culture and dogs. Luckily, many celebrities (or their PR people) have understood that having a canine companion makes them a little more likeable. In some cases, a little more difficult to hate on, but we’ll get to that later.

You may already know about/stalk some of the companions and pawrents we write about, but this topic is mainly an excuse to indulge our love of glitz, glam, and pups anyway. Even JLo seems relatable all of a sudden.

Who knows, we may even learn a thing or two along the way but in the meantime, we’ll just let you enjoy the bliss of basking in stardom and puppies.


Amanda and Finn

Most millennials will associate Amanda Seyfried with Karen, the girl who can’t use more than one brain cell at a time in Mean GirlsWe’re sure her acting is just fine, but that’s not what we care about.

Amanda has been spending a lot of time with a very sexy, brown-haired guy. Nope, we’re not referring to her baby daddy Thomas Sadoski, but rather her Australian Shepherd mix rescue, Finn. Whether she’s working in Los Angeles or spending time in New York, Finn is always by her side. If we had a dog that cute, we’d bring him everywhere too, but we commend Amanda’s effort and commitment to the handsome guy. In fact, he’s probably the only seven year old guy we’d choose to live with.

Good luck with that Harlem Shake video, Finn!


(photo credits to instagram, Raymond Hall / FilmMagic)

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