An Introduction to Boss

An Introduction to Boss

Boss is the little man who let us borrow his name for one of our star products. We wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, because if somebody can carry that name and represent Wifflis in its full splendor, it’s this guy.

It all started with the unusual way that boss entered the world. His mom, Iris, was rescued by two of Wifflis’ favorite humans, Agnes and Andreas. A few weeks after Iris arrived at her forever home, she surprised her new family in a big way by giving birth to a small litter of pitch black puppies. Everyone rushed to the hospital but sadly, only one of the three puppies survived - you guessed it, Boss.

Ever since that day, Boss has continued to win at life in more ways than the Kardashians could ever think of. They may have their pert derrieres, but Boss has a weapon of his own: the googly Doby eyes. All he has to do is open them and stare into your soul to compel even the strongest challenger to bend to his every will.

You’ll get a chance to know him more very soon, and every article will be in this article category. You can also just type “boss wiffteam” in the search bar to satiate your craving.

(photo credits: _j_u_n_g_l_e_, percytheking)

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