Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart

We will happily admit to two of our many addictions - pop culture and dogs. Luckily, many celebrities (or their PR people) have understood that having a canine companion makes them a little more likeable. In some cases, a little more difficult to hate on, but we’ll get to that later.

You may already know about/stalk some of the companions and pawrents we write about, but this topic is mainly an excuse to indulge our love of glitz, glam, and pups anyway. Even JLo seems relatable all of a sudden.

Who knows, we may even learn a thing or two along the way but in the meantime, we’ll just let you enjoy the bliss of basking in stardom and puppies.


Jon Stewart

Daily Show dogs

We already knew Jon Stewart was the real deal. Not in the way you think a guy is the “real deal” when you’ve just started dating and he hasn’t had time to stop holding the door up for you. We’ve always felt about him the way hipsters do about any gluten-free product and farmer’s markets, consistent excitement and fondness.

On top of his professional talent, we found out Jon had rescued a three-legged pit bull that he named Champ. There was already so much for us to like in that last sentence, then we went on to discover that he has two other pit bull rescues, Shamsky and Monkey. However, those weren’t the only furry friends on the The Daily Show set. About 15 dogs roamed freely on there at any given time. I know, why break into a house when you can attempt to enter the Hell’s Kitchen filming location of The Daily Show.

Stewart must truly love his animals, because him and his wife Tracy partnered up with Farm Sanctuary to open up a location in New Jersey. These two are a true inspiration, maybe this story is the last push we needed to join

(photo credits: Pinterest, KC Bailey)

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